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Our craft award

We are winners of the 8th Guarantee Banks Craft Prize


Full of pride
about our award

We won the 8th handicraft award of the guarantee banks!

Our managing director Sören Hohlbein was introduced by the ZDH President Hans Peter Wollseifer, the VDB Chairman Guy Selbherr and by the head of the SME policy department in the Federal Ministry of Economics, Dr. Sabine Hepperle honored.


The award ceremony was originally planned in Munich/Germany, but had to be canceled due to the corona pandemic. The prize was handed over to us personally at our company.

”My idea of consistently automating and digitizing
is the only chance for the dental technician trade,
to be future-proof.”

Soren Hohlbein, CEO

It definitely works for us and our whole team cheered along!


Incidentally, the prize money benefited the whole team and was invested in joint activities. And when we talk about the team, we of course also mean our colleagues of our dental laboratory D&H Zahntechnik GmbH.

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