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So that dental laboratories can fully exploit the diverse possibilities of digital dental technology

Our first-level support scans and designs your work, provides training and workshops, assists with technical questions, points the way to the very best lab workflow and equips with the most modern and common scanner systems.


Sören Hohlbein begins his employment as a dental technician at a dental workshop in the historic city center of Hofheim am Taunus.


Sören Hohlbein successfully completes his master dental technician examination. This year, the managing director of the dental workshop has to leave the company for health reasons. Sören Hohlbein takes the initiative and takes over:
TheD&H Zahntechnik GmbH – with 5 employees – is born.


This is followed by the purchase of an Etkon scanner in order to be able to carry out dental technical designs on the computer (CAD) in the future.


Just one year later, fourteen employees are already working for D&H Zahntechnik.


The healthcare reform poses major challenges for many companies in the dental industry - including D&H Zahntechnik. The dental laboratory halved its number of employees and shifted its focus from analog to digital production.


The order situation is improving. D&H Zahntechnik is literally forced to create additional work spaces for the growing team. The dental technical craft is continuously optimized and developed.


Due to provider problems, a change in technology systems is necessary for the expanding company. The first CNC system for medical zircon processing is purchased.


The increasing specialization in state-of-the-art manufacturing processes makes it necessary to outsource the CAD/CAM area.


The millhouse GmbH milling center is founded.


The millhouse starts with an 8-ton manufacturing system - the Mikron HSM 400U - for non-precious metals and a 6-axis Cybaman Replicator for processing zirconium. A 3D system printer will also be purchased in order to gain experience with additive manufacturing.


The millhouse now produces high-quality dental products on a total area of 450 m². In order to expand the product range for customers, the millhouse needs additional work space. A move becomes unavoidable.


With luck, Sören Hohlbein comes across a vacant two-story building in Wallau between Hofheim and Wiesbaden - the current millhouse location. In order to guarantee optimal production and logistics services, significant renovation work is being carried out on the building and at the same time an additional CNC industrial milling machine is being installed.


At the beginning of the year, the team moves into the new office space and the large new production hall. Another Mikron HSM 400ULP is purchased.


The millhouse is running very successfully. Customers appreciate the competence and reliability of the team. The company is expanding its production line so that three HSM and Cybaman machines each process incoming customer orders.


A newly acquired robot cell ensures full automation within the scope of Mikron production.


A number of experienced and highly motivated employees now work under the leadership of Sören Hohlbein. From the very beginning, the company has kept its finger on the pulse of the times and provides customers and partners with the latest technological standards. The purchase of a second robot cell to automate the Cybaman machine is one of these worthwhile investments.


The commissioning of an EOS SLM machine expands the machine park with additional manufacturing technology. The SLM technique offers more freedom for the external structures and is a more cost-effective alternative for some indications.


Just in time for the IDS trade fair, millhouse is presenting two key technologies for the dental market. Hybrid production consists of a two-part process: The structure is built using the SLM process and then milled in the milling machine. This means that the millhouse has a total of three different production types:Additive, subtractive and hybrid.


The second technology isAllinONE presented - the simultaneous production of primary and secondary parts. What is particularly interesting is that both techniques can also be combined with each other.


The first Willemin is purchased.


Start planning for abutment automation. The project and implementation, including testing, are very time-consuming.


The millhouse has now existed for 10 years and the expansion of business activities continues. The ever-increasing digitalization is reason to conclude official reseller contracts with well-known providers of CAD solutions.


Investments are also being made in expanding production: another micron milling machine HSM 400U is being purchased. An additional Mikron VCP ensures that the millhouse can produce automation solutions itself.


The millhouse comes with theCraft Prize from the guarantee banks and is therefore “officially” a successful craft company.


In addition, cooperation with chambers of crafts is being intensified. The millhouse makes its contribution to the dental technology guild by training prospective dental technicians and master dental technicians.


The machine park is getting even bigger: another Willemin and SLM machine is moving in. An expansion of the production hall is unavoidable. At the same time, the millhouse is investing in central system cooling with heat recovery - the climate is also happy.


TheAllinONEThe process is now also possible in gold thanks to a collaboration with C. Hafner.


With new zirconium automation, the millhouse is significantly expanding its production operations with colors and materials - 256 pallet spaces are available. Furthermore, the third Willemin is now being used.


The millhouse is also committed to start-up entrepreneurs – as a member of the jury and sponsor of the “Bacon Belt Founder’s Prize”.


In mid-2022, Sören Hohlbein will set up a branch in Luxembourg. This makes the millhouse more international and serves the markets in Benelux, France and Spain with the same passion and competence.


The millhouse is celebrating its 15th company anniversary and now employs 15 people. The machine park currently includes 13 (milling) machines and 3 robot lines as well as 2 SLM machines.


This is a reason for pride and responsibility in equal measure. Best product quality as well as maximum customer and employee satisfaction are the top priority for managing director Sören Hohlbein.


This also proves that this works wellCertification according to DIN EN ISO 13485, which the millhouse has lived and can demonstrate for 10 years now. An important seal of quality - also for millhouse customers, who can therefore rely on the fulfillment of all MDR requirements and on CE-certified materials.

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