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The new age
of digital dentistry

We offer dental laboratories individual solutions,
that suit their needs

We manufacture custom-fit secondary parts on our industrial machines.
In addition, we are specialists in implant-supported constructions.


But using existing standard technologies is not enough for us. In order to achieve the best results for everyday use in the dental laboratory, we also establish and further develop processes that are unusual in the industry.

The combination offers the precision you deserve: the best of additive and subtractive processes. Thanks to SLM, we enable unlimited creative options on the outside of the construction and a perfect fit on the inside surfaces.


You can now make your workflow for fixed screw connections as an implant bridge or bar easier, more comfortable and safer. Our new screw system offers you many advantages.


Directly screw-fitted constructions, also available with angled channels. There may be some more text here. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of implant systems.


We have a large selection of high-quality materials
for all common indications.


The advantages for you

  • primary parts milled to final dimensions and highly polished

  • wall thickness up to 0.2 mm possible

  • no remilling

  • appropriate secondary framework

  • can be combined with hybrid production

  • a few minutes of rework

  • Try-IN process possible

  • just a scan

  • no matter which scanner (as long as .STL is output)

  • no matter which CAD program (as long as .STL is output)

  • 6 working days delivery time (for data delivery)

Our AllinONE process

Only in the millhouse is it possible to model primary and secondary constructions with CAD software at the same time during telescopic work and to manufacture them to fit perfectly: That is AllinONE.


Once the datasets are delivered to the millhouse, the primaries and secondaries are manufactured in perfectly matched fits. All primary parts are highly polished and can therefore be easily inserted into the secondary framework (also possible as a one-piece cast). The secondary parts can either be manufactured exclusively using the milling process or with hybrid technology in the millhouse. With every job you know in advance that you will end up with exactly the friction you need.


With technology AllinONE IMPLANT Telescopic abutments with the associated secondary framework are designed and produced. Here, too, there are both manufacturing processes – the milled version or the hybrid process.

A scan. A construction.
And you have time
for other things.

Would you like to integrate AllinONE into your workflow?
Then we would be happy to provide you with further training.

In our millCADEMY training centre, you will learn everything you need to set up your laboratory in a modern way.

AllinONE by millhouse – your solution for perfectly fitting telescopic work


Hybrid manufacturing millCHROM Hybrid

Thanks to our hybrid production, two different manufacturing processes can be combined: In this case, it's the additive SLM process with the subtractive milling process.

The first work step is the additive process. The frameworks are built in the SLM machine, and then stress relieved. The annealing of the framework ensures a fit that is completely tension-free during cold processing. The frameworks are then put through the subtractive process. All fit surfaces are milled during this step, resulting in the perfect surface we love.

And that is exactly the big trick with using a hybrid process: SLM provides unlimited design freedom on the external construction
area, and the subtractive milling process provides a perfect fit on
the inside surfaces.

The advantages for you

A huge portfolio of options

  • milled mating surfaces

  • therefore very high accuracy of fit

  • Model casting and secondary parts in one

  • countless design options:

– retentions of any kind and form

– beads on facing surfaces

- miscellaneous attachments

millCHROM Hybrid offers many application variants.
The following indications are already possible:


  • secondary parts for primary telescopes

  • secondary parts for bars

  • sublingual bars (without brackets)

  • palatal plates (without brackets)

  • optional retention

  • retention beads in secondary reconstructions

  • combinalbe with AllinONE


Screw-retained implant bridges

Patients with severely reduced teeth or those that are no longer worth preserving, as well as edentulous patients, are increasingly asking for fixed restorations. A functional and aesthetically pleasing prosthetic solution is hardly conceivable without implant anchorage. In the case of long-span restorations, a fixed screw connection by an implant bridge or a bar is recommended in most cases. In these cases, there is no way around some screw channels having to be angulated.


One for all

Previously, laboratories had to use several different screws and individually fitting drivers. We have simplified this workflow for our customers. From now on you will receive a simplified screw system from us, in which you use uniform prosthetic screws that can be used for both straight and angled canals. In addition, your handling is made easier by the fact that only a single screwdriver is used. With its spherical head, this ensures safe guidance and exact grasping of the prosthetic screw, even with the strongest inclination angle. Thus, the implementation on the patient is not only safe and comfortable, it also means fewer tools and a simpler and more comprehensible work step.

Less material,
safe handling,
fast design

We simplify your path to high-quality implant bridges.

Ready for download

Prerequisite for the high-precision production of an implant bridge is a correspondingly modern CAD/CAM technological equipment as you are used to from millhouse. We have of course prepared everything for your 3Shape and exocad databases so that you can digitally prepare your screw-retained bridge framework at implant level. The updated design libraries can be found directly in our download overview under #4.


Manufacturing of titanium abutments
in the millhouse

Implant-supported designs

OnePiece abutment

...a classic amongst abutments. You'll be spoilt for choice: titanium or cobalt chrome? No matter which material you choose – we offer all standard implant systems in titanium and cobalt chrome.


Anatomically-reduced abutment

Save veneered caps via an abutment. If you prefer to veneer the abutment directly, there's no adhesive gap, natural shaping of the gingiva, no limitations to size and shape, and non-destructive removable at any time. Another advantage is the short occupancy time spent in the treatment room, which your customers will definitely be pleased about.


Directly screw-fitted bridges and bars

In no time at all, you too can master the supreme discipline of fixed restorations with us. Bars and fixed bridges - whether directly screwed or adhesive-based - have become part of our daily tasks. We're not just purely about manufacturing either – if you like, we will also be happy to take care of the scans and construction work. And what would a good bar be without a corresponding veneer? We've got those too: milled or manufactured in a hybrid process.



28 is the magic number when it comes to angulated screw channels. Because we can angle them up to 28° upon request, turning even the most crooked implant into an ideal aesthetic solution. This applies to abutments as well as screw-fitted bridges and bars.


Materials and indications

So that you can really solve any aesthetic challenge, we have a huge portfolio of materials in stock available for all common indications. From the most diverse zirconium variants, to PMMA and PEEK, to two different CoCr materials.

For crowns and bridges, model castings, fitted bars and bridges and individual abutments for all standard implant systems.

Are you interested in an individual training?


In our millCADEMY we target the needs
of your laboratory and team.

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